Four Weeks From Election Day Voting Activists Hit Emergency Mode

By: Hazel Trice Edney - Politic365 Image: Politic365 As all the hype over debate performances between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney continues, Black voter mobilization and election protection activists remain focused on a ‘state of emergency’ in preparation for Nov. 6 polling … [Read more...]

Obama Campaign’s Fundraising at All-Time High

(AURN) -- President Barack Obama's campaign has raised $181 Million in September during his re-election efforts. The campaign announced via Twitter that it has set a new fundraising record. Listen: Photo: AP … [Read more...]

Stumping for Votes on the Economy

The countdown is on; it is 40 days from Election Day, and six days until the first Presidential debate.  We are now in that time frame where everything counts for the Presidential candidates.  In a matter of days the first Presidential debate will take place.  But before that happens, each candidate … [Read more...]

Romney Campaign Flips the Script

(AURN)  -- The Romney campaign is trying to use reverse psychology as they are trying to navigate out of bad press and reactions from a secretly filmed video of the candidate discussing 47 percent of Americans on federal aid, are victims and will vote for President Obama. Listen: Photo: … [Read more...]

The 2012 RNC is History

By: April Ryan, (Photo: AP) The Republican National Convention is history.  Looking back on the week in Tampa, particularly, the convention’s final night, there were highs and lows depending upon who you talked to. For, the conventions final night, there was a buildup of a … [Read more...]