Whites Get 92% of Contracts in Post-Affirmative Action L.A.

By James Nash, Bloomberg News More than a decade after Los Angeles started trying to sidestep California’s affirmative action ban, firms owned by white men won 92 percent of the $2.1 billion in contracts awarded by the city, though they’re just 14 percent of the population. A diversity program … [Read more...]

The Fight to Keep Diversity in Immigration Reform

By: April Ryan, aprildryan.com Hill sources involved in the negotiations over placement of the Diversity Visa Lottery in the Comprehensive Immigration Bill believe a resolution is close. Over the past few weeks, the issue of the lottery’s viability in the Immigration Bill has come into … [Read more...]

Study: Whites write 93% of front page election stories

By: Andrew Beaujon and Mallary Jean Tenore - Poynter The 4th Estate | The Maynard Institute | The Atlantic White journalists wrote more than 93 percent of front page articles about the 2012 presidential election, according to a study by The 4th Estate. The organization has released the findings, … [Read more...]