Hillary Clinton Appears on PBS Charlie Rose Show

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared on the Charlie Rose Show on PBS and discussed the downing of Malaysian Air flight.  … [Read more...]

Cabinet Shake-Up

(AURN) -- A myrad of questions related to who will fill the vacant cabinet position of Secretary of State dominated the White House press briefing Tuesday. Hillary Clinton held the post for the past 4 years and is stepping down. Rumors are circulating Washington as to who will fill the void and this … [Read more...]

4 More Years, Who’s In, Who’s Out?

(AURN) -- Our White House Correspondent April Ryan caught up with Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett to ask about the fate of her political career with the Obama Administration over the span of his second term.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner and U.S. … [Read more...]

Secretary Clinton’s Statement on Consulate Deaths

Secretary Clinton makes a statement on the deaths of US Consulate in Libya. … [Read more...]

Secretary Clinton Dances in South Africa

[Read more...]