New Gallup Poll Shows Democrats Lead at Start of 2013

A new Gallup poll released today shows Democrats have taken the lead in Party Identification as we start 2013. The poll showed 47 percent of Americans identified as Democrats, while 42 percent identified as Republicans. Gallup wrote: “The new Democratic advantage is mostly due to an increased … [Read more...]

As Romney stumbles, Obama regains his mojo

By: Aaron Blake - Washington Post The recent shifts in the polls may be less about Mitt Romney than they are about President Obama. We have been documenting for a few days how Obama has consistently risen in polls of swing states — in many of them by several points — to the point where Romney … [Read more...]

Facing The Black Vote

By: April Ryan “Every vote counts”, is cliché but this year Democrats are banking that saying it will move blacks to the polls on November 6, 2012.   Democrats, civil rights organizations and minority leaders are pushing that fact for the next 50 days leading into the Presidential election … [Read more...]