Obama Wins New Term as Electoral Advantage Holds

By: Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg - New York Times Photo: Damon Winter - New York Times Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected president of the United States on Tuesday, overcoming powerful economic headwinds, a lock-step resistance to his agenda by Republicans in Congress and an unprecedented … [Read more...]

What Happened at the Second Presidential Debate

By: Adam Sorensen and Michael Scherer -Time Photo: Brooks Kraft/Corbis for Time 0 minutes. Both men mean business. They are out with smiles, mouthed “Thank You’s” and a perfunctory handshake. The American people have been subjected to political debates for more than a year. But this one is bigger … [Read more...]

What to watch for in the second presidential debate

By: Chris Cizzilla - Washington Post President Obama and Mitt Romney will take the stage tonight at Hofstra University for their second general election debate — the most important debate since, well, their first debate 13 days ago. Given President Obama’s stinker of a performance the first … [Read more...]

Column: Romney needs to shake ‘rich guy’ image

By: DeWayne Wickham- USA Today 6:18PM EST October 8. 2012 - Mitt Romney's biggest Etch A Sketch moment came not during his debate with President Obama but on his victory lap on Fox News a day later. On the debate stage, the former Massachusetts governor did a good bit of obfuscating, revising … [Read more...]

30 Days Out: Fundamentals Still Favor Obama

By: Amy Walter - ABCnews.com AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall There's a new injury going around in political circles these days: it's called political whiplash. It's caused by the ever changing -- sometimes violently so -- perceptions of the presidential contest. This week started with dour … [Read more...]

As Romney stumbles, Obama regains his mojo

By: Aaron Blake - Washington Post The recent shifts in the polls may be less about Mitt Romney than they are about President Obama. We have been documenting for a few days how Obama has consistently risen in polls of swing states — in many of them by several points — to the point where Romney … [Read more...]

60 Minutes – Campaign 2012

Obama, Romney Take Turns In '60 Minutes' Interviews   Mitt Romney's plan to restore America to fiscal health includes less government, entitlement reform, tax cuts - and cooperation with Congress. Scott Pelley reports. For President Barack Obama, the choice is clear: "Do we keep … [Read more...]

Why Mitt Romney released his 2011 tax returns

By: Chris Cillizza, Washington Post - September 21, 2012 at 2:49 pm As we have noted before, Romney’s financial life as a very wealthy person is significantly more exotic than the average person he needs to vote for him; that he made almost $14 million in 2011 (and $21 million in 2010) without … [Read more...]

Romney Campaign Flips the Script

(AURN)  -- The Romney campaign is trying to use reverse psychology as they are trying to navigate out of bad press and reactions from a secretly filmed video of the candidate discussing 47 percent of Americans on federal aid, are victims and will vote for President Obama. Listen: Photo: … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney: ‘My Campaign is About the 100 Percent’

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