U.S. Unemployment, Youth and Summer Jobs

(AURN) -- The jobs numbers are out.  There were 280 thousand jobs created last moth continuing the longest job growth streak, but there are at least two groups whose unemployment numbers rose. Black and teen unemployment numbers rose upward.  When we look at the summer months and the teen jobless … [Read more...]

The February 2014 Jobs Numbers Are In

By: April Ryan, aprildryan.com | AURN The February 2014 unemployment rate inched up 0.1% to 6.7 percent. The numbers come at the 175,000 jobs. A lot of factors played into the latest report. Sec. of Labor Tom Perez talked with April Ryan hours after the release of the unemployment numbers. Listen: … [Read more...]

A Slow Steady Healing for July Jobless Numbers

By: April Ryan, aprildryan.com The July 013 unemployment rate is 7.4 percent, new Labor Secretary Tom Perez believes “we are seeing slow and steady healing in the economy but we must do more to pick up the pace.” There was a 1.1% drop in the black unemployment rate. Perez comments on the drop … [Read more...]

April Ryan’s Sit-Down Interview With President Obama

By: April Ryan - aprildryan.com President Barack Obama is making the rounds on his media blitz just before the Presidential elections of 2012 to pursade undecided voters to cast that critical ballot for his re-election bid on November 6th. Hurricane Sandy has President Obama changing his … [Read more...]

The Numbers for September

By: April Ryan - aprildryan.com Photo:  Joe Raedle, Getty Images The Overall unemployment rate for the month of September dropped to 7.8 percent.  President Barack Obama spoke on the numbers Friday saying, “We are moving forward." Labor Secretary Hilda Solis believes the Administration's work … [Read more...]