The Fabric of America

The Mission…

The Fabric of America is a website dedicated to and offering the unique, urban and minority perspective in news with on the record quotes from news-makers, with stories related to the Presidency, The White House, Washington and you.

We interview all sides of the story from the highest levels of power, from the President of the United States and more to inform our readers and listeners of the news of the day and breaking stories that impact you.  The Fabric of America boasts a list of notables who view the site daily from the highest levels of power inside the beltway, to local officials, entertainers, concerned Americans and you. We strive to break through the rhetoric and get to the heart of the issue to easily inform our readers.

The Fabric Of America is the literal tapestry that comprises the greatness of this country. The cloth is time-tested and battle-worn, consisting of strong bindings and even torn shreds making up the rich history of experiences of our country. We are the Fabric of America, created by our experiences and stories told from yesterday to today, from oral traditions now to information delivered by news outlets and social media. We will share these and other stories on this web site, The Fabric Of America.